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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) relates to an idea shaped back in the 90s  of creating a network of billions of devices connected to the Internet. Thanks to the availability of super cheap electronic chips and the advancement of wireless technology and 5G, IoT is not a dream but a reality.

In the most basic form, an IoT device includes:  (i) a sensor that measures a physical quantity such as temperature; (ii) a wireless modem to transfer the measured data to the internet; and (iii) a microcontroller, as the tiny brain of the device, that monitors and controls the activities of the sensor and the modem.    


At ElectroAutoMedics we pride ourselves in having:

(i) More than a decade of experience in the application of a variety of sensors in both consumer and industrial applications; 

(ii) Sound expertise in choosing the optimal wireless modules such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Xbee, Wi-Fi, and Cellular (4G, 5g) and ...  according to your specific needs.

(iii) Thorough knowledge on the state of the art on the available computer on boards, modules and bare microcontrollers to match them with your needs and stage of your venture and product.

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