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Our Solutions
for Your Industry


We can assist the Agritech companies and farmers alike in the selection and/or the design and development of the right solutions for their needs. It may be that you need to figure out the available solutions for remote monitoring of your farm, or you may need to develop a device for the Agribusiness. In any case, you can count on us to help you find and realise the best solution. 

Medical Devices

Product development is usually a complicated and lengthy procedure. When it comes to medical devices, the complexity increases due to the delicacy of the devices dealing with human lives. We have gone through this tough and lengthy procedure and therefore, can better help you in doing so.


We have a proven track record in running real-time tracking projects in the harsh industrial environment and therefore, would be able to help the mining industry in running such projects where reliability and robustness come first. Notably, we are expert in the establishment of local wireless networks to transfer data from distributed sensors to a central server.  

Energy & Utilities

With the vast experience in running projects in real-time monitoring, we can assist clients in the energy and utility industry with their needs for real-time and remote monitoring projects.


We have run projects for tracking large fleets such as real-time monitoring of a fleeet of 3000 truck in a port as big as 1100 hectares, without having access to established and reliable cellular or wireless infrastructures. 

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