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Embedded Systems

Nowadays, with the booming IoT industry, "Embedded Systems" are almost everywhere: from the mobile phone in your pocket to the smartwatch tracking your quality of sleep and tracking your physical activities.  

Though deeply embedded into gadgets we use, and therefore many of us may not be aware of them, they are an integral part of our life today.

To respond to the ever-increasing needs to high-quality embedded systems, at ElecroAutoMedics, we provide turn-key solutions for embedded system design a and development. 

Our "Embedded Systems " services include: 

(i) Understanding your needs and translating them into "Specifications".

(ii) Design and manufacturing the hardware, including printed circuit boards and enclosures.


(iii) Design and development of the firmware (software written for the microcontrollers) of the device.

(iv) Test, debug and iterate until you (the client) are happy!

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